The Ultra-Stylish Popilush Everyday Shapewear

By Gemaulani

The Ultra-Stylish Popilush Everyday Shapewear.
Shapewears can be of great help in women’s everyday life. There are days when the hours seem to fly by. And how do you take care of your appearance and still have time to do your daily activities?
The ultra-stylish Popilush shapewear for everyday use is the go-to solution you need to look stylish and attractive for any occasion. A woman in good shape with her own body feels confident and happy.

1. College Study Day

It is likely that you want to feel stylish to carry out a day of study at college with a practical option. The shapewear dress is great for more busy days, like those where you need to perform several tests.
Choose a model in a neutral color like black. Long sleeve and midi length. Wear closed-toe shoes in the same color as the dress to complete the look.

2. To Go to Work

Choose a modeling strap according to the need of the environment. If it’s a traditional day, choose a bodysuit with short sleeves if the weather is warm.
If it’s a day of more formal meetings, wear the same bodysuit with light linen pants. Add a plain blazer. Pair it with a dress bag or briefcase that has the same color palette as the clothes.
Popilush built in shapewear on long maxi dress

3. Outing with Friends

Outings with friends are interesting because you can play around with more relaxed looks. It is indicated, in this case, to use the styler with an overlay. Don’t worry, Popilush pieces are light and breathable.
You can use a modeler with light support, slimmer with open reinforcement. On top, wear long overalls in the same color.

4. Trip to The Coast

shapewear for hangout and holiday
Some women are passionate about coastal areas, so they take advantage of the holidays to take a trip close to the sea.
Wear a thong shapewear bodysuit for walks along the beach. Put on a skirt with light cloth or smock to wear together. A flat sandal with buckles like a round braided straw maxi hat can make your look even more elegant. If you can, wear sunglasses and don’t forget to cover exposed areas of skin with sunscreen.

5. Supply The House

Shopping day is a rush. You have to create lists, visit the supermarket and then save and organize everything. So take the time to choose simple and stylish shapewear leggings as your main item.
Wear sneakers, enjoy the walk for those who know how to have an ice cream or lunch at a restaurant after shopping in style. Contrary to what many people think, you can be elegant with asymmetrical and simple pieces.

6. Parent Meeting at School

popilush shape model long wear
Periodically, mothers are summoned to the school for parent-teacher meetings. It is necessary to be presentable to know the news about the education of the children and to socialize with other mothers.
You can wear a shapewear maxi dress in a neutral color to show off a well-toned body. Add scarves to your look tied around your purse strap or around your neck like a bow.
With jewelry, add an extra charm using pendant earrings, a cord with natural stone. If you don’t use the scarf detail on the bag, choose a piece in a neutral color, padded and with a golden chain handle. A delicate item that will go great with your waist trainer.

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